In sourcing is the trend these days as businesses opt to have consistency in operations. That’s why most of the businesses have IT consulting departments within the organizations. Even then, outsourcing cannot be fully ignored. The main reason being the fact that in-house IT experts are never expert enough to know everything your business requires to propel forward. That’s where Soft Windows come in. we come with advanced IT solutions from our professional and innovative engineers. We remove the limits and make your business rise to its full potential. We are knowledgeable in network designs, integration, installations, security and privacy and so much more. In a situation where you are struggling especially with tech problems, we can easily handle that through our many consulting services.


There are certain things that you need to be tech healthy. First, it’s acquiring the best and modern equipment. Second and most essential is having the right crew setting up and operating those equipment. Getting the high end equipment to work to their full capacity requires expert connections. Only the best experts clearly understand the network fusions and best techniques to install your systems. Our objective as Soft Windows is aligned to your objectives. That is to increase efficiency and cut down costs. Best practices we adopt include equipment refreshes, server deployment, establishment of wireless networks. We help in installation as well as streamlining your IT networks.

Design and integration of IT networks

Once again, investing in buying the right equipment is not enough. That is especially so if you are not adopting the best IT network architecture. Your business requires best procedures in installation and networking for it to realize the full value of IT systems. We help you increase efficiency as well as reduce on costs through our innovative approaches.

Security services

Nobody in Los Angeles can ignore the fact that malware, viruses and other ill hacking methods are being utilized by evil minded people. Not everyone is a friend of your business. You have every reason to secure your data from landing into the wrong hands and potentially destabilizing your business. At Soft Windows, we put a lot of attention in security systems. We ensure that we safeguard your employee data, intellectual properties and other valuable assets. We not only install powerful firewalls but also review them time and again. We also regularly test the firewall systems in case you have any suspicions of an attack.

We have all the consulting services that you may not get from your in-house IT experts. Let us help you.