Disaster lies within. Its waiting for you to make the simplest mistake and it will strike; hard! You never know when your business may suffer an attack. It can be a fire outbreak, breakdown or failure of your systems for days, or even a malware attack that wipes out everything you got. Of course nobody wishes for these to happen to you. But the fact of the matter is that they do happen. You have seen it happen to companies even in Los Angeles. The aftermath is where the concern is. Will your business be able to rejuvenate or survive the attack? Most of the business without a strong backup system end up on the losing end and even risk getting bankrupt. That should tell you how important recovery IT systems are to your overall business. Soft Windows are specialized in backup systems. We can help you have recovery systems in place to help you restore data in case of disaster.

Our security solution

We are committed to ensuring that your businesses does not go down for the reason of your data systems collapsing. We keep you safe from the imminent security threats through hacks and physical damage of your systems. We come with a solution to have separate copies of your entire data. One is offline and stored within your local systems. In case you want to retrieve some data fast, that’s the option to go for. The other two sets of data are stored online and in two different data centers. You can rest assured that even if it goes to the level of a data center getting compromised, you will still have your data safe and intact.

We are different

You may bet the question why Soft Windows for backup systems and not any other firm? Well, that’s because we are different. We do things when its normal times. That’s unlike when other companies wait until there is system failure to attend to it. We mend your backup systems in a proactive manner. That’s because of our focus on monitoring. We are also cost effective, compliant to the regulations, comprehensive and attend to issues rapidly among others.

We keep businesses running

Hiccups can be catastrophic to your business especially if you lose your data. We help you upgrade your security systems and safeguard all your data. With us working on your systems, you don’t have to worry of losing your business.

We are affordable and dependable in IT systems. Call us and we will be at your service.