Welcome to our company official website. We are a growing and innovative company specializing in IT services. We are based in Los Angeles operating within the city and its neighbors. Our objective is to help our clients get the best value for technologies they use in their businesses. That’s why we design advanced networks for our clients. We don’t stop there but also help them implement the systems to realize their best value. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they need, and what matches their needs. Improving how operations are carried out within our client organizations is our objective. We support the local networks and infrastructure as well as the cloud based solutions. In the modern days, you are going nowhere in the business markets if you are dragging behind with regard to digital solutions.


We operate in a super competitive industry. We have to do more to get our mission done. And that is to become the leading IT based company in Los Angeles and beyond. We are working towards ensuring that the industry feels our impact by becoming the most committed, innovative, respected and reliable company.

Who we serve

Over the years, we have grown significantly. And more growth is on the way. And that is because of our clients who support what we do by hiring us. We are a committed company that seeks to provide top quality and reliable IT and networks management solutions to our clients spread within Los Angeles. Some of these include;

  • Small businesses operating without a dedicated IT department. Mostly, they are too small to afford the in house IT services. We handle everything concerning networks for them.
  • Big companies with IT departments internally. They have IT experts working on the inside to ensure that the infrastructure is ever running as expected. In most cases, the experts hired for such tasks are not qualified enough to handle some critical IT issues. Being an innovative company, that’s where Soft Windows comes in. we handle the critical tasks and present better technologies to replace the outdated ones. The in-house crew can then focus on other strategic issues to propel their businesses forward.

We collaborate with our customers

We may be a professional team but the truth of the matter is that the businesses big or small are our bosses. Without them, we are not there as well. When they succeed in networking, then our company is on its way up as well. That’s why we have a listening ear for our clients. We have to understand in specific what the customers need. Foy years, we have been able to deliver quality and that is something we are very much proud of. Listening to the challenges and the problems businesses face, we are able to utilize the power of the mind through our experienced and professional team to innovate better and advanced systems to be the solutions.

We welcome you to our growing company and you will surely not regret.